NuCurrent Introduces 150-Watt Wireless Charging Solution for High Power Applications

NuCurrent along with GaN Systems has introduced new 150-watt wireless power solutions designed for industrial and consumer applications with high power requirements. Smartphones and small electronic devices typically require less than 15 watts of power and are well suited for silicon-based transistors. However, for wireless charging applications with power needs of 150 watts or more, existing silicon-based transistors can heat up and become inefficient. To address this challenge, NuCurrent selected a 150-watt gallium nitride-based power amplifier from GaN Systems.

A 150 Watt wireless charging solution will open up wireless charging to new categories of products like power tools, autonomous robots, drones, and more. With NuCurrent’s technology and system design capabilities and GaN System’s high-power transistor and amplifier capabilities, this partnership can result in bring wireless charging technology to a range of new products.

Demonstrations of the 150-watt wireless charging solutions will be available at the upcoming Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) conference from June 5-7 in Nuremberg, Germany at the GaN Systems booth.

Click here to see an interview with Jacob Babcock, the CEO of NuCurrent.


  • Country: United States
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