Rogers and Ericsson Partner to Bring 5G Technology to Canada

Rogers, the Canada based communications and media company, has announced a multi-year 5G partnership with Ericsson, to deliver the next generation of wireless technology to Canadians subscribers. The plan, which was announced on April 16, 2018, includes the continued rollout of Gigabit LTE, including 4x4 MIMO, four-carrier aggregation and 256 QAM.

Rogers will also boost and densify its network with thousands of new small cells and macro sites across Canada while continuing to trial 5G services in key cities across Canada.

At the Rogers Centre in Toronto, the two companies demonstrated multiple live 5G examples as a part of Rogers’ 5G testing program. Those examples included having participants wear virtual reality (VR) glasses to toss a baseball back and forth, virtual shopping and controlled robots with real-time responsiveness.

According to Ericsson’s 5G business potential report, industry digitalization investments will generate an estimated USD 619 billion revenue opportunity for telecom operators by 2026.