NuRAN Granted Patent for 5G Massive MIMO Technology in Canada

NuRAN Wireless has been granted a Canadian Patent on its proprietary 5G Massive MIMO technology. A US patent has been already been filed and is currently pending.

The NuRAN 5G Massive MIMO Canadian patent was awarded for its efficient and low complexity precoding/detection algorithm to enable an efficient implementation of massive MIMO technology. The algorithm has been implemented and demonstrated in NURAN’s Massive MIMO testbed, namely Titan-MIMO, to showcase its performance against other techniques. NuRAN’s technology affords the system to enjoy no performance degradation at considerably lower implementation complexity.

The fifth generation (5G) wireless access networks are being defined to address new use cases and applications while meeting the continuing growth in demand for capacity. To offer enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) services, 5G New Radio (NR) envisages a per user peak data rates which represent roughly 100X improvement over 4G networks. 5G enables new use cases such as massive internet of things, low power, low latency and highly reliable communications and eMBB access to name a few. These use cases pose very stringent constraints on the system design in terms of spectral and energy efficiencies, latency and reliability.

Massive MIMO has already been recognized as a core technology for 5G. It promises a substantial improvement in the cell edge performance (improved user experience due to high array gain) and the average cell area throughput (due to spatial multiplexing). Combined with the newly proposed 5G NR waveform numerology and flexible frame structure, the array gain can be used to enable low power device operation (e.g. massive low power IoT) and/or to achieve ultra-reliable (and low latency) communication.

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