IMS Resistor and Attenuators Models Now Available in Modelithic's Library

Modelithics and International Manufacturing Services (IMS) have entered into a long term collaboration commitment that includes development of simulation models for numerous IMS device families. High frequency, scalable models for multiple IMS resistor and attenuator families are planned under this initial agreement. As a Sponsoring MVP, IMS will sponsor free 90-day trials of IMS component models available with Modelithics.

Modelithics is looking forward to developing the new models and to having IMS components represented in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library.

As models are completed, they will be added to the Modelithics IMS MVP Library for multiple supported simulators, including Keysight ADS and Genesys, NI AWRDE, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites. Click here to request a free trial.

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