Ericsson's Radio Dot System to Enhance Gigabit LTE Connectivity in Turkey

Leading digital operator in Turkey, Turkcell has partnered with Ericsson to provide indoor gigabit connectivity with the deployment of the Ericsson Radio Dot System. This is a big leap toward offering higher quality coverage and capacity in hard-to-reach places such as commercial buildings and conference halls while delivering a true gigabit experience to subscribers across the entire network.

In Turkcell’s Tepebasi office, downlink gigabit speeds were achieved using the Ericsson Radio Dot System with carrier aggregation over 3 LTE frequency carriers, 4x4 MIMO and 256QAM, via two dual- band Radio Dots at one location. Turkcell has plans to expand the service to more locations during 2018. Delivering Gigabit LTE in its office at Tepebasi, Istanbul allows the company to showcase the incredible performance of the overall Turkcell network. Subscribers can experience their products on Gigabit LTE network. Turkcell is the first Turkish provider to present 5G-ready applications with partner Ericsson.

The Ericsson Radio Dot System is a key building block in Ericsson’s Gigabit LTE offering on the road to 5G. The company is now demonstrating the capabilities of this offering on the Turkcell network in vast indoor areas such as shopping malls and other indoor hotspots, to showcase what subscribers can expect today and in the future. The Radio Dot System is redefining the concept of indoor small cells with the industry’s most modular high-performance indoor radio system, addressing a wider range of indoor environments with a common solution.

The System has been deployed by more than 120 operators in over 70 countries around the world, in venues including airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and office buildings.

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