Murata Introduces First GHz 0201 Noise Suppression Filter for Automotive Applications

Murata has launched the industry’s first 0201 size (0.6 x 0.3 mm) GHz, high impedance ferrite based noise suppression filter for automotive applications. The BLM03EB_SH Series has been developed mainly for use with automotive power-train and safety applications.

The recent spread of electronic toll collection systems, vehicle to everything (V2X) communication technology, emergency communications systems (eCall), Telematics (3G / 4G systems), and other cutting edge technological developments have led to an influx of high frequency communication modules being installed in electronic devices for automotive. The high frequency noise emitted from such electronic devices in automobiles may interfere with high frequency communication module antennas, disrupting communications. For example, a loss of vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications prevents information on oncoming vehicles from being received, which may result in crossing collisions and other major road accidents.

High frequency noise must be suppressed to ensure that high frequency communication module antennas are capable of picking up the necessary information being sent. There is also an increasing need to implement ferrite beads for GHz-band into electronic devices installed in automobiles. While the smallest available ferrite bead (noise suppression filter) for GHz-band noise was the 0402 inch size, the introduction of the 0201 inch size BLM03EB_SH series represents a major leap forward in terms of miniaturization. Looking ahead, Murata plans to release products that support higher frequency and current ranges.

Key Features of the 0201 inch size BLM03EB_SH Series:

  • 105 ohm, 255 ohm @ 1GHz
  • Self-resonance frequency in the GHz band
  • Miniature 0201 inch size (0.6 x 0.3 mm)
  • Available for use in automotive power-train and safety applications

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