R&S and PoLTE to Accelerate Growth of the Cellular IoT Device Ecosystem

Rohde & Schwarz is collaborating with PoLTE Corporation, to accelerate the robustness and accuracy of cellular location technologies. Rohde & Schwarz and PoLTE are enhancing the cellular IoT ecosystem and expanding the opportunity for new IoT use cases. Location-based services will enable a wide range of use cases, including industrial IoT, healthcare IoT, Internet of Life Saving Things IoT, manufacturing IoT, agriculture IoT, energy IoT, automotive IoT and countless others.

The R&S TS-LBS test solution uses the R&S CMW500 network emulator to simulate LTE Release 8-14 3GPP IoT technologies, including NB-IoT (Cat-NB1), eNB-IoT (Cat-NB2), eMTC (Cat-M1), LTE Cat 1 and LTE Cat 4 in combination with terrestrial location technologies, such as OTDOA and eCID. PoLTE will help pilot advanced testing using the R&S CMW500 by simulating difficult mobile environments so that they can deliver the most comprehensive and robust location solution for the cellular IoT marketplace. Click here to learn more about the R&S TS-LBS Solution.

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