Microsoft & Kymeta to Jointly Demonstrate Defense and First Responder On-the-Move Communications Solutions

Kymeta and Microsoft will jointly present simultaneous land mobile, maritime defense and first responder demonstrations during the 2018 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) and Connectivity Expo (Connect X).

The companies will be jointly demonstrating end-to-end communications and network on the edge with Microsoft’s patrol and tactical vehicles featuring cutting-edge hardware, software, Windows Apportals, Azure Cloud integration, and connectivity to the Internet of Things (IoT), all connected using a flat-panel, satellite Kymeta KyWay Terminal (KyWay Terminal).

Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based services can be locally replicated in a deployed environment such as a patrol vehicle, firehouse or command post, and can significantly enhance the capabilities of first responders and defense users, especially when using drones, robots and IoT devices. Combined with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence tools, this forms the intelligent edge, enabled by Microsoft and Kymeta. This is a huge leap forward provided by the combined Microsoft-Kymeta solution, using Kymeta’s advanced flat-panel satellite antenna technology to enable reliable mobile communications in a way that has never been done before.

Kymeta is providing a dependable, flexible, on-the-move satellite connectivity solution that defense and first responder organizations can rely on. Their ability to move communications, video, audio and other sensor data to the Azure cloud, via Kymeta satellite terminals, provides an always-connected experience, regardless of how remote the location, or how congested or unavailable a terrestrial cellular network may become. This represents a significant advancement in operational tactics, situational awareness, and command and control, enabled by Kymeta’s revolutionary KyWay satellite terminal and Microsoft Azure at the edge.

Microsoft built two vehicles designed for demonstration purposes including a Chevrolet Suburban Tactical Vehicle (at SOFIC) and a Chevrolet Tahoe Advanced Patrol Vehicle (at Connect X). Both vehicles feature a Kymeta KyWay Terminal for always-on connectivity.

Kymeta SATCOM solutions will be on display at the following events and locations:

  • 2018 SOFIC – Tampa Convention Center – Tampa, Florida – May 21-24
    • See the Microsoft Tactical Vehicle outside the Tampa Convention Center and Microsoft yacht at the Tampa Convention Center water taxi dock.
    • See KyWay satellite terminal solutions in the Kymeta booth 132.
    • See the Nomad GCS Tactical Command Vehicle outside the Tampa Convention Center in booth SD37.
    • See Kymeta technology with CopaSAT in booth 812.
    • See Kymeta technology with ADS, Inc. in booth 520.
  • Connect (X) – Charlotte Convention Center – Charlotte, North Carolina – May 21-24
    • See the Microsoft Patrol Vehicle in Kymeta booth G.