New Line of High-Gain, Dual Sector Antennas Reduce Tower Space Requirements

KP Performance Antennas has introduced a new line of high-gain, dual-band sector antennas for use in wireless networks.

The dual sector antennas are made up of seven models, each consisting of two or more sector antennas inside a single, rugged radome. The single mounting point of these antennas reduces inches on the tower, halves the tower rental costs and lowers wind resistance. They also provide a rapid upgrade path to add frequency bands without installing more infrastructure. They are offered with four or eight ports and support 2x2, 4x4 and 8x8 MIMO, depending on the model.

The straight-on models in this line provide two forward-facing, high gain, 65° or 90° sector antennas in a single radome, one for each frequency band and come in frequency combinations of 2 GHz/3 GHz, 2 GHz/5 GHz, 3 GHz/5 GHz or 5 GHz/5 GHz. They have clean patterns and provide complete 360° coverage while minimizing interference. Plus, they come with mounting space for two ePMP radios, have four N-Type female connectors and hot dip galvanized steel sector brackets. The antennas are ideal for point-to-multi-point applications using many of the popular radios in the WISP market.

The side-angle models combine two 65° sector antennas in a single radome and mounted 60° apart -  two ports are angled at -60° and the other two ports at +60°, for a total of 120° of coverage utilizing two 2x2 MIMO radios on a single antenna. The antennas achieve complete 360° coverage while minimizing interference with only three side-angle sectors connected to six 2x2 MIMO radios around a tower in frequency reuse ABCABC.