TDK to Showcase their Latest RF Technologies and Products at IMS 2018

TDK Corporation will be showcasing their latest RF technologies and products at the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2018 from June 12-14 in Philadelphia, US.

TDK will display a variety of products from its portfolio of RF technologies, for multiple industries including automotive, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), communications and industrial equipment. Products that will be showcased include state-of-the-art LTCC antennas, filters, diplexers, triplexers, couplers, baluns and more. With the growing demand for RF Solutions across industries, TDK’s extensive portfolio of RF technologies aims to complement the leading electronics company’s existing roster of electronic components in providing a comprehensive solution for design engineers.

Product highlights at the TDK Booth at IMS will include:

RF Components for Sub - 6 GHz 5G Applications

With the increase of new bands and applications expected for 5G technology, TDK has developed new RF components for Sub 6 GHz 5G applications. Some of these new n77, n78 and n79 bands are located in the 3.3 GHz to 5 GHz spectrum and require new component solutions. TDK has developed baluns, couplers, diplexers and filtering solutions for the new bands, in both LTCC and thin film versions. These new components can be used for applications ranging from NB IoT FEMs to base stations.

Circulators/Isolators for Infrastructure Application

TDK has a wide portfolio of circulators and isolators for use in cellular bands. New circulators and isolators are currently being developed with the newest items for use in the 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The circulators and isolators are available in a wide range of sizes to support variations in outputs, band frequencies, shape, terminal structure and power levels from 2.5 W to 150 W. Their main applications include base stations, repeaters, small cell and power amplifier systems.

New Auto-Grade RF Components

TDK is adding a new AEC-Q200 series of RF components, ZDE Series, which will provide high performance and reliability for safety critical applications and extreme operating environments. The series supports LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth, V2X, DSRC and other technologies. Applications include multi-connected cars, ADAS, telematics, infotainment and smart keys.

RF Components for cellular / WLAN / Bluetooth

TDK’s ever-growing portfolio of RF components includes filters, diplexers, baluns, couplers and antennas. These components are used in a wide range of products for cellular, LTE, WLAN or Bluetooth applications. The company has more than 20 years of experience with RF components in this space, and each component has unique requirements, developed in close relations with chipset vendors.

Application Specific Development Kits and E-books

TDK will be showcasing development kits and e-books targeted for specific applications, including:

  • WLAN / BT (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • LTE / Cellular Development Kits
  • RF Components for sub6GHz 5G Applications
  • Circulators / Isolators for Infrastructure Applications

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  • Country: United States
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