AtlanTecRF Develops Ku-Band Drone Satellite Simulator to test Ocean-going SATCOM Systems

AtlanTecRF has developed Ku-Band Drone Satellite Simulators to test ocean-going SATCOM systems. The newly developed miniaturized Satellite Simulator was flown on an eight-blade drone which was receiving a Ku-band signal while hovering above a ground terminal similar to the type that would be used on ocean-going liners and large cargo ships. The Drone Satellite Simulator then transposed that signal and sent it back at downlink frequencies thereby simulating the satellite and allowing the testing of the ship’s antenna without the ship having to alter its course.

With the addition of this Ku-Band product, AtlanTecRF now offers a range of Drone Satellite Simulators that operate in either Ka-Band (30 GHz uplink and 20 GHz downlink) or Ku-Band (14 GHz uplink and 11 GHz downlink) with options of both circular and linear polarization.

Each Drone Satellite Simulator can either draw its power from the same batteries providing lift to the drone or they can be supplied as self-sufficient with integral, rechargeable power storage. 

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