MegaPhase to Showcase its Range of RF/Microwave Cables at IMS 2018

MegaPhase will be showcasing its wide range of RF & Microwave cables and assemblies at IMS 2018. The International Microwave Symposium is the leading event for the RF & Microwave Industry. It will take place from 12-14 June, 2018. The products showcased at the event will include the following:

The MegaPhase UltraPhase Series product line offers a foam FEP dielectric and is a great choice for phase stability versus flexure and stability over temperature. The temperature performance features linearity across a wide temperature range, and does not exhibit the “knee” that traditional PTFE cables exhibit at ambient temperature. It is ideal for applications including air and ground-based phased array radars, sensors, mobile backhaul, and temperature testing. The Series GE is available with Type N, SMA, 3.5mm, 2.9mm, and 2.4mm connectors.

Highlights of the UltraPhase Series:

  • Phase Stable Over Temperature
  • Phase & Amplitude Stable v. Flex
  • Low Loss
  • No PTFE “Knee” From +15 to +22 °C
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Light Weight

MegaPhase VNA Series test port extension cables are the perfect alternative to over-priced OEM test cables. These test cables provide the utmost precision in vector measurements in the lab and during calibrations. Besides the electrical performance, these VNA cables are rugged and feature a lightweight armor to insure consistent performance over time. A wide variety of connectors are available including the precision “NMD” or “port ruggedized” connectors, which mate directly to the VNA port. Fewer calibrations mean less downtime, resulting in the MegaPhase promise of Lowest Cost Per Measurement.

Highlights pf the VNA Series:

  • Phase Stable
  • Low VSWR
  • Repeatable
  • Armored
  • Wide Variety of Connector Combinations
  • Excellent Flexibility

MegaPhase Phase3 Series C cables are optimized for consistent and repeatable performance where the demand is minimum attenuation, high shielding effectiveness and low VSWR. It is available with phase matching, armoring and in long lengths upon request.

Highlights of the Phase3 Series C Cables:

  • Ultra Low Loss
  • Excellent Shielding Effectiveness -110 dB
  • Low VSWR
  • Helical Foil/Braid Outer Conductor
  • Super Flexible
  • Light Weight

MegaPhase is also offering a full line of RF Components to meet all needs. Everything from N-Way Power Dividers, 90° Quadrature Hybrids, Directional Couplers to Power Dividers, as well as custom capabilities for Splitters, Mixers & Frequency Doublers, I & Q Networks, Phase Shifters, and more.

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