ADI to Showcase Various RF and mm-Wave Product Demos at IMS 2018

Analog Devices (ADI) will be joining the leading voices and influencers in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave technology at upcoming IMS 2018 event. The company will be showcasing a host of individual demonstrations at the event, including a plug-and-play phased array solution and a new addition to its RadioVerse family. ADI experts will be on-hand to talk discuss about design for instrumentation, 5G, and aerospace & defense.

Some of ADI’s exclusive demos will include:

  • Next-generation High-Speed ADC for Instrumentation - Discover the versatility of the AD9213 high-speed ADC. ADI will show how it can be used in electronic test and measurement, automatic IC test, and scientific instrumentation applications.
  • Multi-Channel Radar Platform – Demonstration of a fully-integrated, eight-receive-and-transmit-channel RADAR solution for aerospace and defense (ADEF) applications. See how this integration can reduce size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements better than existing RADAR platforms.
  • Analog Beamforming for Phased Array - See how phased array technology, specifically with the new ADAR1000, can detect and track exhibition attendees as they walk past the ADI booth. Learn more about how IC integration can help develop low-profile phased array systems.
  • 7.125 GHz Frequency Extension for New U.S. 5G Bands – Demonstration of how a small circuit can extend the usable bandwidth of ADI <6 GHz circuits to 7.125 GHz.
  • Industrial 60GHz Radar for Absolute Positioning - Next-generation INDUSTRIAL RADAR LPR-1DHP-200(60GHz) for exact crane positioning, smart automation processes and reliable collision avoidance in heavy industries. See how the highly-robust primary and secondary RADAR sensor systems achieve distance measurements in the millimeter range and how to make industrial processes more efficient and safer.
  • Introducing Power by Linear - industry leading Power Management and Conversion products, Power by Linear. ADI combined the portfolios of ADI and LTC to bring leading-edge products including u-modules regulators, silent switcher technology and more.
  • 5G mmW Base Station Transmitter - Get a demonstration of a complete 5G base station signal chain solution using ADI components from bits to beams or from the data converters to the antenna. ADI will show analog beamforming via over-the-air transmission of 5G signals, as well 800 MHz of 5G signals transmitted over-the-air and then demodulated.
  • RadioVerse New Generation of Wideband RF Transceiver - first-hand look at the first wideband integrated transceiver with 2G/3G/4G/5G infrastructure compatibility. Learn how it provides a common-platform solution for base stations across all 3GPP standards.
  • 34-GHz MEMS Switch Technology - demonstration of ADI’s highest bandwidth performance MEMS Switch Technology, spanning 0 Hz/DC to 34-GHz. See how this combination of ultra-low Insertion loss and precision DC performance further enhances ADI’s MEMS Switch Technology offering, and how this technology enables RF relay replacement solutions in the Instrumentation, Defense and ATE markets.
  • Industry-Leading Low Noise Synthesizer Portfolio - See how the ADF4371 and ADF5610, the next generation of integrated PLL & VCO synthesizers, improve VCO noise, in-band PLL noise, spurious emissions, and enable high-frequency generation without the use of external multipliers.
  • RF Power Measurement Made Easy - See how this evaluation board handles digitization and processing so you don’t have to. ADI will also show how that information is presented in an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) on a laptop or monitor.
  • High Power Switches in Silicon (SOI) - Learn how new high-power switches in silicon (SOI) technology replaces PIN diode- based switches and saves PCB area, external components, and bias power.
  • RF Amplifier Products including GaN - Get an up-close look at the highest performance and most complete RF/MW portfolio in the industry. See how these amplifiers can simplify solutions for Instrumentation and aerospace and defense applications. Also see latest GaN Power Amplifiers.
  • New High-Speed Converters and Ultralow Jitter Clocks - See how ADI’s RF sampling ADCs and ultralow jitter clock solutions can help in signal chain simplification.

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