MDL to Showcase its Advanced Waveguide Portfolio at IMS 2018

Microwave Development Laboratories (MDL) will be showcasing its wide range of passive components for use from RF through millimeter-wave frequencies at IMS 2018. The International Microwave Symposium is taking place in Philadelphia from 12-14 June. Some of MDL’s highlights at IMS 2018 will include:

Custom Design and Fast Delivery

With the growing interest in millimeter-wave frequencies for automotive ADAS and for emerging Fifth Generation (5G) wireless networks, MDL’s representatives will be on hand at the 2018 IMS to share the optimum use of their standard and custom passive components, such as waveguide-to-coaxial adapters and waveguide multifunction assemblies. With their own foundry facilities, MDL offers fast turn-around on custom designs and can supply customers’ most unique component and subsystem configurations. Its over 50 years of design experience can be found in the outstanding performance of their wide range of waveguide components, including fixed and variable attenuators, directional couplers, power dividers, switches, and phase shifters.

WG-to-Coax Adapters

One of industry’s most extensive lines of waveguide-to-coaxial adapters, with waveguide sizes WR650 through WR22 waveguide transitioning to the appropriate coaxial connectors, such as SMA and Type N connectors. Typical VSWR is 1.25:1 and low-VSWR models are also available with maximum VSWR of 1.10:1. All connectors are stainless steel for long-lifetime use.

Monopulse Comparators in All Frequency Bands

MDL will also be showing samples of its wide range of monopulse antenna feed comparators. These rugged components include single-polarization units with WG28 waveguide in different models for use from 30 to 38 GHz, WR42 waveguide with models covering from 21 to 24 GHz, and WR62 antenna feed comparators with models for use from 13 to 17 GHz. Worst-case output-power unbalance is ±0.25 dB at the highest frequencies and as tight as ±0.10 dB for the lowest-frequency monopulse comparators.

Different waveguide sizes are available, from WR28 for coverage from 30 to 38 GHz to WR284 for frequency coverage from 2.70 to 3.15 GHz.

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  • Country: United States
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