Teledyne Defense Electronics Showcasing its Latest RF/MW Innovations at IMS 2018

Teledyne Defense Electronics is showcasing their combined offerings at IMS 2018. Many new RF/MW technology innovations spanning multiple product lines will be presented at the at their booth (525) for the first time.

Teledyne Defense Electronics and its consolidated business units offer highly engineered products and technologies to defense, space, and select commercial markets. Collectively the group has a comprehensive line of products for customers seeking RF/Microwave Systems & Components; Space and Data Com Systems & Components; Contract Manufacturing & Microelectronics; and Interconnects & Energetics products.

At Booth 525, Teledyne companies is showcasing their latest innovations, including:

  • Precision microwave cables up to 110 GHz
  • InP active RF switches to 60 GHz
  • Unsurpassed PCB thermal management capabilities
  • Industry-leading portfolio of microwave components
  • K-Band capable DACs
  • The most efficient, highest bandwidth InP Power Amplifiers to 300 GHz
  • Q and Ka-Band compact TWTs

Teledyne Defense Electronics’ powerful pool of engineering expertise makes it a “go-to” supplier for customers looking for products that can deliver the highest reliability in the harshest environments, require close cooperation between the customer and the vendor, and meet the toughest SWaP specifications.

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