New Power Detector with Wide-Input Bandwidth and Dynamic Range from 5 to 44 GHz

MACOM has announced the release of its new MADT-011000 power detector for use in microwave radios, test and measurement (T&M) equipment and radar systems. Operating from 5 to 44 GHz and supporting a high dynamic range of 30 dB (-15 to +15 dBm), the MADT-011000 features industry-leading wide-input bandwidth and device performance to enable optimal power control.

The single-ended, internally-matched power detector consumes 70 µA from a 4.5 V supply, while the matched detector and reference diodes provide temperature compensation in differential operation. It is offered in both a 3 mm 16-lead QFN package and in bare die format, with ESD protection for reliability and ease of handling.

The wide bandwidth and dynamic range, very low power dissipation and external directional coupler makes this an ideal solution for both narrow and wide bandwidth power control circuits. It is anticipated that this one power detector will cover all of the high-volume wireless backhaul bands from 5 to 44 GHz, significantly simplifying component selection and circuit design for the radio designer.

The table below outlines typical performance of the RF Detector:

MACOM is showcasing its industry leading RF technology portfolio at IEEE’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2018 at Booth #1125 from June 12th – 14th. Their booth features new product solutions optimized for 5G connectivity, base stations, SATCOM, Test and Measurement, ISM and Radio communications.

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  • Country: United States
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