Xpeedic to Showcase its latest RF Technology Solutions at IMS 2018

Xpeedic Technology is showcasing its latest solutions portfolio at the 2018 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Philadelphia from June 12-14.

The will be conducting a number of demos at their booth:

  • Combined IRIS-HFSS Flow for Passive Modeling and Verification in Advanced Process Nodes: This flow is seamlessly integrated in Cadence Virtuoso platform, and gives IC designers not only the fast and accurate passive modeling and synthesis capability at the design stage with Xpeedic accelerated Method of Moments (MoM) solver engine and artificial neural network(ANN) technique , but also the verification capability enabled by HFSS at the sign-off stage.
  • Integrating IRIS Plus in Nuhertz FilterSolutions to Enable Fast Filter Simulation: It presents a fast filter design flow by taking advantage of both the filter synthesis from Nuhertz Filter Solutions and the 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation from Xpeedic IRIS Plus. Designers can use this combined single flow for fast filter prototyping without manually transferring CAD data from layout to EM simulation, thus improving the design efficiency.
  • Through Glass via (TGV) Based Integrated Passive Device Technology for RF Front End Design: Through Glass Via technology has become a promising technology candidate to realize integrated, low cost and high performance passive devices. Xpeedic will introduce passive device (such as filters and diplexers) technology built with TGV, which can have less in-band insertion loss and greater out-of-band rejection yet still compact size.

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