MACOM Unveils Comb Generators With Leading Phase Noise Performance

MACOM has released a portfolio of Non-Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) comb generators optimized to meet the demanding performance requirements of radar transceiver, VSAT and microwave radio applications. Featuring the lowest phase noise in the industry, MACOM’s MLPNC Series of comb generators deliver superior performance and ease-of-design compared to conventional step recovery diode (SRD) based offerings.

The leading phase noise performance delivered by MACOM’s MLPNC Series comb generators is expected to significantly improve the overall performance of RF multiplier modules, complemented by a variable low input power profile (18 - 24 dBm) that relaxes the power requirements on power amplifiers and reduces overall power consumption. MLPNC Series comb generators also enable higher harmonic power at higher frequencies, in contrast with SRD-based comb generators whereby output power rapidly rolls off above 20 GHz.

MACOM’s monolithic, NLTL-based MLPNC Series comb generators reduce design complexities by eliminating the harmonic generation circuitry needed with SRD-based devices. No bias or tuning is required, and the wide input frequency range extends from 75 - 1500 MHz across the portfolio, enabling the use of a single comb generator for multiple designs, or in combination with a tunable source. These comb generators are available in space saving, compact SMT and connectorized SMA packaging options.

The table below outlines typical MLPNC Series comb generator performance:

MACOM’s MLPNC Series comb generators are available to customers today.

MACOM was exhibiting its leading RF technology portfolio at IEEE’s International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2018 which ended last week. MACOM’s booth was featuring new product solutions optimized for 5G connectivity, basestations, SATCOM, Test and Measurement, ISM and Radio communications.

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