World's First 24 to 43 GHz Full-band Transceiver for 5G mmWave Connectivity

At IMS 2018, Speedlink Technology introduced the World's first 24 to 43 GHz wideband transceiver module. Speedlink showed working prototypes of its extreme mobile broadband transceiver module with test results demonstrating performance from 24 to 43 GHz.

Speedlink's Extreme Mobile Broadband (EMB) transceiver is a revolutionary development for the mobile industry. The 24 to 43 GHz band is necessary to realize the promise of 5G technology. However, the patchwork of frequency allocations around the world requires multiple front-end transceivers. This is the first module that covers all the 5G bands between 24 and 43 GHz.

Speedlink anticipates having engineering samples available by 4Q 2018.

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