Link Microtek Develops Multichannel Rotating Joint Assembly for S-band Radar Application

Link Microtek has successfully created and shipped a complex, one-metre-long microwave rotating joint assembly for an S-band ground-based radar. This assembly allows microwave signals to be fed to and from a radar antenna. These large rotating joint assemblies are an essential component of S-band radar systems that are used around the world in air-traffic control, weather forecasting and shipborne applications.

The rotating joint assembly incorporates one WR284 waveguide channel for 2.7 to 3.1 GHz (S-band) transmissions up to a peak power of 200 kW, four N-type coaxial channels for 2.7 to 3.1 GHz transmissions up to a peak power of 1 kW, two N-type coaxial channels for 1.0-1.1 GHz (L-band) transmissions with a peak power 10 kW, and a 35-way slip ring and brush block for feeding DC power to the antenna.

As is usual for radar applications, the assembly had been specified for continuous rotation at up to 60rpm, so the finished unit was subjected to a prolonged run-in programme and comprehensive electrical testing on a custom-built test rig at Link Microtek’s Basingstoke facility.

With decades of experience in this area, Link Microtek’s engineering team has the necessary expertise to ensure that the company’s S-band rotating joints provide years of reliable service, despite the complexity of the designs and the demanding nature of both their duty cycle and the environments in which they are deployed.