TowerJazz Starts RF SOI 65nm Production in its 300mm Fab

TowerJazz has announced a ramp for its RF silicon-on-insulator (RF SOI) 65nm process in its 300mm fab in Uozu, Japan. TowerJazz has signed a contract with long-term partner, SOITEC, a leading semiconductor materials supplier to guarantee a supply of tens of thousands of 300mm SOI silicon wafers, securing wafer prices for the next years and ensuring supply to its customers, despite a very tight SOI wafer market.

TowerJazz’s 65nm RF SOI process enables the combination of low insertion loss and high power handling RF switches with options for high-performance low-noise amplifiers as well as digital integration. The process can reduce losses in an RF switch improving battery life and boosting data rates in handsets and IoT terminals.

According to Mobile Experts, LLC, a market research firm for mobile communications, the mobile RF front-end market is estimated to reach $22 billion in 2022 from an estimated $16 billion in 2018. TowerJazz’s breakthrough RF SOI technology continues to support this high-growth market and is well-poised to take advantage of next-generation 5G standards which will boost data rates and provide further content growth opportunities in the coming years.

TowerJazz is also proud to announce its relationship with Maxscend, a provider of RF components and IoT integrated circuits, who will be using this new technology. For more information on TowerJazz’s 65nm RF SOI technology, click here.

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