Semtech LoRa Technology to Enable Smart Energy Meters in China

Lowan, a leading low power wide area network (LPWAN) solution provider located in Hangzhou, China, has incorporated Semtech’s LoRa Technology into its smart-grid power meters.

Lowan’s urban smart-grid solutions give real-time data on metering usage over large urban areas. The LoRa-based sensors adjust automatically at certain power thresholds, negating human error and optimizing efficiency. The solutions offer users a quick and efficient deployment, and compatibility with other smart home solutions including LoRa-connected locks and alarms. With LoRa Technology’s long range and low power capabilities, Lowan smart home solutions reduce battery replacement costs and maintenance frequency.

LoRa Technology offers Lowan a variety of key benefits for metering applications, including deep penetration in dense urban/indoor regions and connection ranges of up to 30 miles in rural areas. For smart metering IoT solutions, the devices need to be designed for energy sustainability and offer low battery power to reduce battery replacements. Each LoRa-enabled sensor can handle millions of messages per base station and offer an ease of deployment with flexible infrastructure, allowing for low operational costs.

Semtech is currently exhibiting the LoRa Technology at MWC Shanghai 2018 from June 27-29.


  • Country: United States
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