Energous Partners with IDT to Launch WattUp Near Field Wireless Charging 2.0

Energous Corporation and IDT International have jointly announced the availability of a cost-effective WattUp Near Field wireless charging transmitter solution. This cost-effective, low power reference design transmitter is a very significant milestone that is helping Energous Corporation reach the final stages of commercializing WattUp and launching the Wireless Charging 2.0 platform. This transmitter will be bundled with a broad spectrum of WattUp-enabled consumer devices expected to hit the markets in increasing numbers in the coming months. It is designed to power a wide range of products, including hearing aids, fitness trackers, smart watches, wireless earbuds and other small electronic devices.

The partnership will accelerate the ecosystem by giving customers the ability to bundle a standard transmitter design from IDT with WattUp receiver technology integrated into the customer’s product.

Energous’ WattUp wireless charging technology uses radio frequency (RF) technology to enable both at-contact and at-a-distance wireless charging in an ecosystem that ensures interoperability. The benefits of RF-based WattUp, compared to first-generation coil-based charging solutions, include its ability to fit into small electronics such as hearing aids, fitness trackers, wireless earbuds, and many other small electronics. In addition to being scalable in size, WattUp eliminates foreign object detection problems and strict orientation issues that users experience with current coil-based wireless charging technologies. For more information, click here.

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