Ultra-Low-Power Sigfox-Verified Modules for the IoT Market

LITE-ON Technology has announced the official “Sigfox-Verified” certification for its wireless communication modules WSG300S, WSG303S, WSG304S, and WSG306S. The new modules integrate RF and microcontroller technology from STMicroelectronics and are ready for the booming market for Internet of Things (IoT).

The WSG300S module supports both RCZ2 (America, Mexico and Brazil) and RCZ4 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Columbia and Argentina) while the WSG303S, WSG304S, and WSG306S are designed for RCZ1 (Europe, Oman, Iran and South Africa). The full product line is fully compliant with the regulations and manufactured in compact sizes with excellent quality.

All of the LITE-ON Sigfox-Verified modules integrate the S2-LP sub-1GHz RF transceiver that ensures outstanding module performance and energy efficiency, as well as either ST's STM32 microcontroller or BlueNRG-1 BLE SoC. Among them, the WSG304S integrates both the Sigfox and Bluetooth low energy technologies that combine to offer a dual-radio ultra-low-power programmable turnkey solution.

With the programmable BlueNRG-1 SoC and S2-LP transceiver, the WSG304S module represents a highly efficient and cost-effective combo-radio solution for Cloud connectivity that enables customers to realize IoT applications in a variety of scenarios, including smart factory, smart agriculture, smart building, home security, and asset tracking.

LITE-ON's ICM Business Unit, led by Steven Wu, has become a world-leading module supplier with annual shipments of 70 million units. In LPWAN (Low-Power Wide Area Network) technology, ICM offers a comprehensive product line covering Sigfox, LoRa, and NB-IoT protocols. Analysts anticipate NB-IoT will be in high demand for growing smart city applications, such as smart electricity meters or remote monitoring for smart home.