HUBER+SUHNER Introduces 5G Ready Antennas for the Rail Industry

HUBER+SUHNER has introduced a new 5G-ready antenna to improve Vehicle-to-Ground communication capabilities in trains. The SENCITY Rail Multi Antenna was recently showcased at the Transports Publics Expo 2018 held in Paris.

Overcoming connectivity solutions required for Vehicle-to-Ground communications, the new antenna is able to seamlessly provide an all-in-one wireless communication solution for all types of railway fleets to provide real-time information on-board, while guaranteeing electrical protection against the impact of a contact with the overhead line. It is designed to accommodate Multi-MIMO 4x4 ground-to-train communication and is the first antenna readily equipped for 5G on trains, with future public network superseding 4G-LTE. It also meets the special requirements of railway applications, including high current and high voltage protection.

Also on display at the event was the SENCITY Road Antenna, used for light metro, bus, and tram services. It provides several benefits in one compact and modular housing - it is EN45545 compliant, gives high voltage protection, and offers gains from 4 to 7 dBi. To help tackle low-loss connection speeds, HUBER+SUHNER has introduced a full range of SPUMA on-board RF cables, which are flexible, halogen free, and are extremely low loss. These cables offer excellent electrical performance, are designed for applications up to 6 GHz, and offer ideal opportunities in applications like railway – while remaining compliant to various standards including Euroclass CPR, EN45545, and UN ECE-R 118.01.