Skyworks Wireless Solutions Powering Google's Nest Video Doorbells

Skyworks recently announced that Nest, a division of Google (Alphabet), is leveraging several of its wireless connectivity products across their recently launched video doorbells. The Nest Hello, which offers continuous, 24/7 recording capability and HD video, incorporates Skyworks' leading portfolio to seamlessly connect users and other network devices as well as support extended ranges and longer battery life for smart home applications. In particular, Skyworks' solutions enable the video doorbell to easily modulate among Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Thread communication protocols while ensuring reliable data transfer at longer distances through obstacles such as walls and doors.

Technavio's June 2018 market research report estimates that the smart doorbell market will register a compounded annual growth rate of almost 70 percent through 2022, citing growing interest in home automation as one of the major driving factors. Home automation enables several devices to be interconnected in the home via the integration of numerous wireless communication technologies. According to Statista, the overall global revenue of the smart home security market alone is estimated to reach $18 billion in 2020.

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