Keysight Joins 5G Device Forerunner Initiative Led by China Mobile

Keysight has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CMCC (China Mobile Communication Corporation) in support of the 5G Device Forerunner Initiative project. The 5G Device Forerunner Initiative, was established by CMCC at MWC 2018. It brings together more than 20 of the industry's most influential and capable chipset manufacturers, component manufacturers and end-solution providers to form a strong industry ecosystem, encouraging 5G device innovation and accelerating 5G device commercialization. To address the project’s goal of delivering mature 5G chipsets, devices, components and instruments that meet China Mobile's requirements, the large-scale 5G trials rely on Keysight’s suite of 5G NR network emulation solutions to perform device characterization, design validation and conformance verification.

The project aims to accomplish full protocol stack development based on 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) 3GPP Release 15 as well as complete interoperability tests with at least one chipset platform. The project will also gain Global Certification Forum (GCF) approval for a 5G RF and protocol test platform and a majority of associated GCF mandated test cases.

Keysight enables the connected mobile device ecosystems to characterize and validate new 5G products across workflow from early prototyping and development to design validation and manufacturing. By using the same test capabilities and test cases specified by China Mobile, device manufacturers can easily validate device performance, speed development and achieve consistent results.

The development of 5G depends on up-to-date tools that let designers easily explore new signals, scenarios and topologies. Keysight's 5G solutions are ready to enable deeper insights as development evolves with the standard. In design and test, Keysight is helping industry leaders innovate across new and existing technologies as they transform ideas into reality. For additional information about Keysight's 5G design, test and measurement solutions, click here.