Ampleon Introduces High Efficiency 250 Watt LDMOS Transistor for RF Energy Applications

Ampleon has introduced a new LDMOS RF transistor for RF energy applications. The BLC2425M10LS250 is part of its line-up of high power LDMOS RF transistors suitable for continuous wave (CW) RF energy applications. This highly efficient transistor, achieves up to 69% efficiency and is capable of providing up to 250 Watts output power in the 2400 to 2500 MHz frequency range. Its high efficiency is believed to be best in class for an LDMOS device operating in this frequency range and helps keep the need for cooling to a minimum while also lowering the energy costs of operation.

This rugged device, capable of withstanding a load mismatch of up to VSWR 20:1, is assembled in an air cavity SOT1270-1 plastic earless flanged package and has internal input / output matching and ESD protection components. Together these attributes support system design and integration, and simplify the need for additional device protection circuitry. Also, with its broadband operation, the device allows for ease of control and flexibility in operation.

The BLC2425M10LS250 is aimed at a broad range of commercial and consumer cooking, industrial, scientific and medical applications. Click here for more information.


  • Country: Netherlands
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