Cobham Launches Anti-Jamming GPS Solutions for Air, Land and Sea

Cobham Aerospace Connectivity has launched a full family of GPS Anti-Jam products, designed to serve multiple platforms. In 2017 Cobham announced the launch of a four-channel GPS Anti-Jam system which was compact and designed with the ability to retro-fit into space-constrained platforms. Now the company has added an eight-channel system, eight-channel beam-steered system and the option to customize the solutions based on a customers requirement.

The graphic below demonstrates the effect of jamming on a platform and is based an actual trial results.

Each GPS jamming system offers varying degrees of protection from jamming sources with the more complex solutions also being able to offer options for anti-spoofing. The size, type and complexity of the designated platform along with the amount of exposure to jamming threats will influence the system that is required.

To make the decision process for customers easier Cobham is able to offer a variety of computational RF mapping, simulation and modeling services. These added value services ensure correct antenna placement, simplified installation and optimum performance.

The Cobham Aerospace Connectivity team is available at the Farnborough International Airshow to discuss any requirements for GPS Anti-Jam systems.

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