Siklu MultiHaul Outdoor Point-to-Multipoint Solution Now Available in the UK

Following the latest regulation change by UK's communications regulator, OfcomSiklu has now released its MultiHaul Point to Multipoint solution for the UK. With the introduction of the award winning MultiHaul solution Siklu has expanded the multi-gigabit solutions available in the UK.

When a MultiHaul deployment is combined with Siklu’s EtherHaul PTP products for backhaul, operators and customers have access to Siklu’s complete end to end portfolio of mmWave solutions. MultiHaul delivers carrier grade performance in 5G Fixed Wireless and Smart City applications worldwide. By taking advantage of Siklu’s beamforming technology to auto-align links and simplified out of the box deployment, Siklu offers a true plug & play, small form factor system. The MultiHaul is also supported by Siklu’s SmartHaul WiNDE software, an automated network design tool for PTP and PTMP Siklu radios.

The solution’s 90-degree scanning antenna makes installation by a single person a reality. By combining auto-alignment on the Terminal Unit with the same capability on the Base Unit, multiple terminal units can connect to a base unit with virtually no manual alignment. Unlike traditional wireless radios that use wide beams that can be easily intercepted or interfered with, the MultiHaul leverages narrow beams in the widely available and license exempt 60 GHz frequency band. This helps ensure interference-free and secure communication, connecting up to 8 terminal units at up to a range of 400 metres.

Siklu’s broad E-band and V-band product portfolio has already crossed a milestone of 130 Smart City installations, and hundreds of 5G GTTH applications installed. The City of Wichita, KS, USA is one of many examples where MultiHaul radios are used to deliver multi-gigabit connectivity, running multiple applications on the same wireless network simultaneously, unaffected by 5 GHz saturation in the area. Click here to learn more about the MultiHaul Solution.

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