u-blox LTE Cat 1 Module with 2G Fallback Now Globally Certified by Vodafone

Vodafone has certified u-blox’s multi-mode LTE Cat 1 LARA-R211 module with 2G fallback for global usage over on its mobile networks.

LARA-R211 offers data connectivity as well as VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and circuit switched voice service over 2G (CSFB). It is therefore well suited for a variety of mobile and stationary applications that require robust data connectivity and voice services, such as alarm panels, home automation, and asset tracking. The module also provides 2G fallback, ensuring connectivity and seamless operation in cases where LTE coverage is not yet available.

Enabled by u-blox’s proprietary cellular positioning technology CellLocate, LARA-R211 provides cost-effective location estimation based on information from surrounding cellular base stations. This location capability enables easy integration of the module for instance in the case of asset tracking applications.

The Vodafone certification guarantees seamless operation and interoperability for both data and voice transmission, thereby ensuring that customers receive the best possible service when integrating LARA-R211 into their devices and running them over Vodafone’s global mobile networks.