Alga Microwave Receives SATCOM GaAS Based BUCs Order from a NATO Nation

Alga Microwave, now a Baylin Technologies subsidiary, has received an order for over half a million USD from a NATO customer for its SATCOM GaAS based Block-Up Converters (BUCs).

According to Randy Dewey, Baylin President and CEO, the global wireless technology management company has exceptional linearity and operating efficiency products offer. The GaAS Ku-band line of Block-Up Converters (BUCs) from Alga is extremely versatile offering compact size, light weight and superior phase noise.

The latest generation of Ku-Band GaAS based BUCs from Alga are extremely adaptable and perfectly suited for harsh environments, Satcom on the Move (SOTM) and man-pack terminal deployments. The BUCs are built for VSAT stabilized platforms and mobile stations while also offering benefits for fixed site and offshore drilling applications. Weighing less than five pounds each of these smaller BUCs are fully integrated units that enable new terminal designs for both mobile and on the halt tactical communication systems.

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