IDT Introduces Industrial IoT Solutions for Europe

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has collaborated with IoT40 Systems to expand its 6LoWPAN wireless radio frequency technology and sensor devices in Europe. IDT will leverage IoT40 Systems’ Caberra software platform to deliver a complete and highly secured IoT solution for smart factory, building and city lighting customers. IoT40 is a developer and creator software solutions for "Internet-of-Things" initiatives and activities for industrial and process applications based on the software platform, Caberra.

The IDT ZWIR4512 6LoWPAN module and sensor devices now seamlessly integrate with IoT40 Systems' Caberra software platform as part of their Device Connector (DC), enabling systems to connect, detect, and act. IDT has reduced the effort and cost for the customer by configuring the ZWIR4512 and its sensor devices to automatically connect to the Caberra platform, without additional set up fees, as previously required.

IoT40 Systems' Caberra software platform connects sensors, actuators, hardware device, software application, process step and human interaction. With a history serving the financial and industrial industries, IoT40 Systems developed the platform with security at its core. The platform provides immediate insight and control to manage the connected devices, applications and interaction by monitoring all activities to react automatically and intelligently based upon user defined rules and processes.