Skyworks Unveils 5G Antenna Tuning Solutions for Next-Gen Mobile Devices

Skyworks has released a new antenna tuning solution as part of its Sky5 product portfolio for 5G Applications.

The​ SKY5-9256-701LF is a wideband 16-state antenna aperture tuner that is extremely compact and has been designed to deliver improved efficiency and enhanced bandwidth coverage from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. This makes it ideal for LTE Advanced Pro and the emerging 5G standards.

Antenna tuning plays a critical role in maintaining smartphone power efficiency and battery life, particularly as signal processing complexity continues to rise with the onset of 5G. With smartphone manufacturers adding new features such as 4x4 multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) and 5G new radio (NR) for 2019 applications, next-generation architectures must embed significantly more antennas. New bezel-less smartphones integrate anywhere from four to seven antennas to support future data demand versus the two to four average antenna count within today’s platforms. At the same time, the migration to full-screen infinity displays and expanded functionality limit the amount of board space available. Skyworks’ innovative antenna tuning solutions leverage proprietary design and process techniques to help drive antenna performance while meeting stringent linearity demands and size constraints.

The SKY5-9256-701LF advanced aperture tuner features reliable linear operation and extremely low Ron (1.1ohm) and Coff (145fF) to deliver superior antenna performance, allowing system designers to recover the 1.5 to 3 dB gain degradation caused by shrinking antenna sizes. The MIPI-controlled, 16-state capability of the tuner also gives engineers the ability to combine arms for even smaller Ron and Coff. Excellent harmonics are delivered throughout the operating range, assisting customers with achieving RSE requirements and passing certification. The antenna tuner is currently in production with samples available.

All Sky5 solutions support the new 5G waveforms and spectrum in addition to enhanced carrier aggregation and dual connectivity (4G/5G) while delivering exceptional levels of integration and performance. Sky5 products also offer MIPI interface and are highly flexible featuring customizable architectures that help deliver breakthrough performance, footprint and power efficiency with 100 MHz CP-OFDM modulation. The portfolio includes:

  • SKY5-8250 – a 5G NR power amplifier module with integrated filtering and dual path low-noise amplifiers (LNA) supporting n77, n78, n79 and B42, B43, B48 bands. This solution also utilizes SkyBlue™ efficiency technology and integrates a dual antenna output.
  • SKY5-3728 – a 5G NR diversity receive module with integrated filtering and dual-path LNAs supporting n77, n78, n79 and B42, B43, B48 bands. The device also integrates antenna switching functionality enabling PCB design flexibility as well as 5G NR SRS hopping support.
  • SKY5-5761 – a cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) front-end module with Class 2 power and integrated gain control.
  • SKY5-5811 – an LAA receive module with integrated bypass LNA and variable gain control.

For more information about Sky5 solutions, click here.