Rogers Launches New Silicone Foam Solution for Sealing Cellular Enclosures

Rogers Corporation has introduced BISCO HT-350, a new cellular sealing solution for gasketing and sealing applications that require lightweight, flame resistance, and low compression force.

Ideal for a wide variety of enclosures, the medium firmness BISCO HT-350 is a super seal cellular silicone material that uses new technology to pair the light-weight properties of a foam with superior sealing capabilities. With as little as 5% compression (using the standard ASTM F37 test method), the material can provide the exceptional performance expected by Rogers customers for industrial, automotive, or mass transit enclosures where cushioning, vibration isolation, and insulation must withstand a wide range of environmental extremes. This new material is flame resistant, meeting UL94 highest standards. In large volume production BISCO HT-350 will offer a cost-effective solution. For more information on BISCO silicones, click here.