Qorvo Receives Certification for Updated Version of Battery-Less Zigbee Technology

Qorvo has now received certification for the multi-sensor and generic switch features of Zigbee Green Power v1.1. The Green Power feature of Zigbee PRO allows battery-less Zigbee products such as sensors, switches, dimmers and many others to securely join Zigbee PRO networks. These devices can now be powered just by using widely available, but often missed sources of energy like motion, light, or vibration, to name a few. These new features greatly expand the types of smart home sensors that can be powered by energy harvesting, eliminating the need for batteries or enabling ultra-long battery life.

The multi-sensor extension to the Green Power specification significantly compresses data to reduce the length of Green Power communication frames. These ultra-short, ultra-dense data packets result in longer battery life and enable support for multiple types of smart home sensors in a single device. For example, the multi-sensor feature measures temperature, humidity, light levels and air quality in a single indoor device. The extension adds support for ultra-low power door and window sensors, motion sensors and leakage detectors.

Functions can be assigned to the various switches on a device during commissioning – in a user-friendly way – by using the generic switch extension. This enhances flexibility for the end customer and reduces the volume of part numbers (SKUs) for the product manufacturer.

According to Cees Links, GM of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business unit, by offering the first multi-sensor and generic switch features to be certified under the Zigbee Green Power v1.1 specification, Qorvo is first to create new opportunities for smart home sensors that eliminate batteries or substantially increase their longevity. These features are essential to making the fully-networked smart home a practical reality.

Qorvo has supported the Zigbee Green Power feature since its inception and was one of the first Zigbee Alliance members to achieve Golden Unit status. The company continues to be a strong supporter of the new Zigbee Green Power feature set. Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business is a leading developer of wireless semiconductor system solutions for connected devices and Wi-Fi integrated front-end solutions, including advanced filtering. It offers a broad range of advanced Radio Frequency products, filters, and software for smart home data communications and the IoT. Click here to learn more about the ZigBee Green Power v1.1 specification.


  • Country: United States
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