DEV Introduces a Fan-In Switch Matrix for Satellite Uplink Applications

DEV Systemtechnik, a subsidiary of the AXING Group, has introduced a new combining matrix switch for satellite uplink equipment. Unlike distributing fan-out matrix devices, combining matrix switches allow several or all input signals to be routed into one output channel. The DEV 1975 is an L-Band fan-in RF matrix that operates from 850 to 2450 MHz. It can automatically switch signals according to signal levels. This allows a flexible arrangement of redundant capacity switching to guarantee constant availability in the event of signal failure. The matrix can be controlled and individually configured via SNMP or the DEV Web Interface and is available from 4x4 to 16x16 arrays.

The return channel of satellite data networks is emerging in importance. While most transmission has been almost exclusively in one direction, DEV has seen rising demand for bidirectional data traffic. This means that uplink stations, both stationary and mobile, are becoming more important. To serve this need, the company expanded its product portfolio with a combining, fan-in matrix.

The DEV 1975 will be featured for the first time at the IBC 2018 event in Amsterdam from September 14 to 18.

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