PowerSphyr and GaN Systems to Develop GaN-Based Wireless Power Systems for High Power Applications

PowerSphyr and GaN Systems have entered into a strategic agreement to bring state-of-the-art GaN-based wireless power systems to market for high powered applications across consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors worldwide.

The collaboration merges the strengths of two global companies known for innovative leadership. Working together to develop hardware and firmware solutions, PowerSphyr and GaN Systems are committed to delivering solutions that adhere to wireless charging standards, while developing next generation power and functional capabilities that exceed anything offered in the market today.

GaN transistors are the best means for higher power level applications from 30W up to several kilowatts – much greater than achieved with traditional silicon solutions and provide the building block to achieve higher power, higher efficiency, and lower cost in wireless power transmitters. GaN-based wireless power solutions have enabled faster charging, higher power transfer, and new system designs that are removing the limitations of distance and power and moving charging beyond phones into anything imaginable including power tools, robots, drones, and ebikes.

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