Quantenna Demonstrates 1 Gbps Throughput Using its Wi-Fi Access Point

Quantenna Communications has demonstrated delivery of 1 Gbps throughput using its QSR10GU-AX PLUS solution and QSR10G Wi-Fi chipset, each independently communicating with commercially available mobile products.

This breakthrough performance was achieved between Quantenna based access points and a wireless adapter based on the Intel Wireless-AC 9260. This combination of commercially available consumer products is the first to overcome the 1 Gbps TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) speed barrier to a mobile Wi-Fi client based on 2x2 MIMO configuration and creates an unmatched experience for all demanding Wi-Fi-connected applications in the home.

The Quantenna QSR10GU-AX PLUS is the most advanced access point solution, delivering unprecedented performance, and supporting key features such as:

  • 160 MHz bandwidth
  • 8x8 multi-user MIMO
  • Enabling Wi-Fi networks with up to 10 Gbps
  • Intelligent and adaptable MIMO configuration with switching between 8x8 and dual 4x4 MIMO
  • Patented technologies to increase the network capacity up to 2x
  • Maximum spectrum utilization with innovative channel optimization algorithms and analysis

At twice the speed of 802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi, Gigabit Wi-Fi is going to noticeably improve experiences people want the most, from high-definition movie streaming to ultra-responsive gaming to swift downloads – at home or on the go. The results of Quantenna’s testing show true Gigabit Wi-Fi speeds between an access point and PC are possible. The newest Intel Wireless-AC products support Gigabit speeds (160 MHz) and are available in new PCs powered by 8th Gen Intel Core processors today.