ETL Systems’ Kit Used to Develop L-Band Military SATCOM Radios

RF equipment manufacturer, ETL Systems, has helped develop a new military radio product that provides soldiers on the move with tactical satellite communication.

An ETL customer is using a new antenna with the ETL custom build module which can then be fixed to a vehicle or soldiers backpack to enable UHF radios to be used for L-band satellite communications. ETL's specialist engineering team worked together with the client in developing a design concept through to delivering product ready units which have recently been successfully implemented and deployed.

ETL has an extensive product range and many RF products are the result of customer build requirements. This is the essence of ETL's RF skills as no two satellite operators have the same challenges. The company’s dedicated RF design and mechanical engineering teams work with customers extensively to help them solve RF signal handling challenges. ETL has over 20 years experience of providing solutions, such as extra redundancy, specific RF performance or even building chassis to fit certain architecture.

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