ETL Systems Introduces New Range of Redundancy Switches with Flexible ASI and RF Signal Redundancy

ETL Systems has announced the release of its new Griffin Series of redundancy switches, providing flexible ASI and RF signal redundancy for multiple applications. With broadcasters today being under pressure for delivering regular content, irrespective of time and place on multiple platforms, RF signal redundancy becomes increasingly important. The new Griffin Series tackles this very problem while also being flexible for a multitude of different applications.

The Griffin Redundancy Switch offers three switch module types, which can be mixed and matched within the unit to provide flexibility for different application types. The ASI module, which is particularly pertinent for video streaming, caters for ASI/SD, SDI/HD and SDI/3G-SDI signal types. Switching may be triggered by front panel, RF level detection, alarm contacts or NMS. When operating in Auto mode, modules with RF level detection will switch from main to standby on detection of a fault on the main. Switch back to the main path is configurable. The default setting is for the unit to latch to the standby path and not automatically switch back to the main path if the RF signal is restored.

The Griffin chassis (Model GRF-C900-1U) is a compact 1U chassis which can hold 2 hot-swap 2x1 redundancy switch modules. It features dual redundant PSUs and hot-swap switch modules.

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