Anritsu Launches PIM Hunting Training Course for Wireless Professionals

Anritsu, under its comprehensive training and education curriculum, has introduced new External PIM Hunting Certification course for wireless professionals. The intense, one-day instructor-led session teaches the professionals how to precisely locate and mitigate external PIM, a growing issue in existing wireless networks and one that will become more essential with the rollout of 5G and FirstNet systems.

The course combines theory and practical, hands-on exercises to help attendees conduct accurate PIM measurements in real-world simulations. During the course, attendees will spend the majority of time using the PIM Master MW82119B battery-operated, high-power portable analyzer, Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzer, and the PIM Hunter Test Probe. Attendees will learn a reliable testing process that allows them to precisely pinpoint the location of external PIM beyond the antenna to within a few centimeters.

Each class is led by an experienced instructor and staff. They will explain external PIM, teach how to verify that PIM is external and not in the feed system, common sources of external PIM, and how to precisely locate external PIM sources. Through the hands-on portion of the course, attendees will also learn how to set-up and properly operate test equipment, and practical tips and techniques to locate external PIM. Students will also learn methods to mitigate problems using specialized materials, such as PIM-reducing blankets, tape and connectors from ConcealFab.

Anritsu has scheduled a series of public classes throughout the United States. Private sessions, which can be tailored to meet specific requirements, are also available nationwide for groups of eight students. Among the professionals who should attend are wireless operators, installation contractors, troubleshooting experts, site maintenance engineers, RF optimization engineers, field technicians, and installers.


  • Country: United States
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