IDT & Steradian Semiconductors Develop 4D mm-Wave Imaging RADAR Solution

Integrated Device Technology has collaborated with Steradian Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd. to develop an ultra-high resolution 4D mmWave imaging RADAR for emerging industrial, security, medical, and autonomous vehicle markets.

Steradian Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company based out of Bangalore, India. The company was founded by industry experts with decades of experience in designing cellular/RF and microwave transceiver ICs. Their unique IP has enabled IDT to offer highly differentiated "SenseVerse" series of RADAR transceiver ICs to their customers.

The IDT SenseVerse SVR4410 IC is a multi-channel high resolution MIMO RADAR device that operates in the 76-81 GHz frequency band offering superior interference performance and the highest number of channels per device in the industry. With integrated beamforming and support for multi-device aggregation, the SVR4410 provides best-in-class angular resolution, range, and power consumption in a very small form factor. The two companies are collaborating on a series of roadmap ICs with increasing levels of integration and enable customers' adoption by means of providing radar modules with integrated antennas, SVR transceiver ICs, radar processing IC and DSP algorithms.

IDT's SenseVerse RADAR family offers all weather high resolution sensing and will enhance and complement human and computer vision. IDT's SenseVerse RADAR products are currently sampling at selected customers.

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