TWT's from TMD Used in for Airborne Search and Rescue Radar Applications

Technical equipments provider, TMD Technologies Limited (TMD) has been awarded with a £2 million order for travelling wave tubes (TWT) for airborne search and rescue radar applications.

Based on TMD’s innovative, proven ring loop development, this top performance, high-power TWT operates in X-Band with exceptional reliability, featuring an advanced electron gun with long life dispenser cathode and sophisticated grid design. According to Nigel Hann, TMD’s head of sales, this particular TWT has been supplied by them since the 1990s and is still in demand. And the latest order is a testament to the product quality as well as the strong business relationship TMD has fostered and maintained with the radar system’s prime contractor.

TMD specializes in particular with ring bar and ring loop TWTs from 1-18 GHz with features including:

  • High reliability dispenser cathode technology (up to 90,000 hrs operation achieved for S band Watchman ATC radar)
  • European “Centre of Excellence” for cathode and electron gun design
  • In-house cathode technology minimizing reliance on ITAR controlled parts
  • Fast warm (under 3 seconds) versions available in Ku band
    Emission testing and surface analysis facilities in-house
  • Air, land and sea platforms supported

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  • Country: United Kingdom
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