L-Band to 720 MHz Cost-Effective Frequency Converters for SATCOM Applications

Advantech Wireless, has released two new L-Band (800-1550 MHz) to 720 MHz SATCOM frequency converters.

The ARUN-720L and ARDN-L720 Up-Converters and Down-Converters are designed to translate the 720 +/- 200 MHz band to 800-1550 MHz (Vice-Versa), with 100 kHz step size. This frequency translation provides a low-cost alternative for using off-the-shelf, satellite-based, block-up or block-down converters that usually include an L-band input or output within 800-1550 MHz.

The new frequency converters provide a bridge between high data rate 720 MHz modems and conventional off-the-shelf satellite X-Band hardware. Combined with Advantech Wireless’ line of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) the product line offers an advanced solution for any new applications in which very high data rate modems need to process large amounts of data over a large bandwidth. In particular, high definition video links as requested by geo-imaging are perfectly suited for this class of converters.

Key Features:

  • 720 +/- 200 MHz to 800-1550 MHz Up-Converter or Down-Converter
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Exceeds by 15 dB  IESS 308/309 phase noise requirements
  • High linearity
  • Front panel control (local)
  • Full remote control (remote)

Advantech Wireless Technologies will be showcasing its range of products in Amsterdam at IBC 2018, September 14 -18. For more information about these frequency converters, click here.