KP Performance Selects Crossover as New Stocking Distributor for Covering North America

KP Performance Antennas has selected Canada-based Crossover as an authorized stocking distributor for North America.

Crossover has entered into an agreement to offer KP's complete line of antennas and accessories, joining a growing network of distribution partners and resellers providing full-service sales, engineering, technical support and logistics to customers in Canada and the USA. As an authorized channel partner of KP Performance Antennas, the company can now offer their customer base a broad, in-stock antenna portfolio that satisfies their urgent antenna requirements.

Through Crossover, customers will also have immediate access to KP's broad antenna line, which offers complete solutions for wireless network needs from the tower to the subscriber, including a full portfolio of sectors and omni antennas compatible with most popular radio platforms, to options for improving overall network performance on the subscriber side with a complete line of reflectors, parabolics and yagi antennas.

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