28 GHz Ultra-low Loss Microwave Cable Assembly with SMA & 2.92mm Connector Options

Cinch Connectivity has expanded its Semflex brand of HPI Cable Assemblies with the introduction of new LA190S cable assemblies with SMA and 2.92 mm connector configurations.

Cinch Connectivity’s Semflex line are low loss and ultra-low loss microwave cables that have served the RF & Microwave markets with bulk cable and cable assemblies for over 40 years. The use of ultra-low density microporous PTFE dielectric material in the LA series cables provides lower attenuation as compared with other cables. Semflex assemblies use connectors specially designed to fit the Semflex cables without compromising electrical performance and providing excellent connector to cable mechanical transition.

Customers can use SMA or 2.92 mm connectors with LA190S low attenuation cable to fit their required length. The Semflex LA190S cable assemblies operate up to 28 GHz with 2.92 mm connectors and up to 26 GHz with SMA male connectors. These HPI series cable assemblies are well suited for high end RF/Microwave systems used in military, commercial, test and production lab applications.

Click here for the Semflex HPI Series Cable Assemblies with LA Cable Type datasheet.