Chinese Foundry Now Offering its III-V Technology Platform to Global Fabless Design Houses

Sanan Integrated Circuit (Sanan IC), a pure-play compound semiconductor foundry located in China, has announced the introduction of their advanced III-V technology platform for Global markets. With its broad portfolio of gallium arsenide (GaAs) HBT, pHEMT, BiHEMT, integrated passive device (IPD), filters, gallium nitride (GaN) power HEMT, silicon carbide (SiC), and indium phosphide (InP) DHBT process technologies, Sanan IC covers a wide range of applications among today’s active microelectronics and photonics markets.

The company is focused on high performance, large scale, and high-quality III-V semiconductor manufacturing and on serving the RF, millimeter wave, power electronics, and optical markets. They are now looking to cater to the North American, European, and Asia Pacific (APAC) markets in the near future.

Founded in 2014, headquartered in Xiamen City, in the Fujian province of south China, Sanan IC is subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics Co Ltd., the leading LED chip manufacturing company, based on GaN and GaAs technologies. Leveraging high volume production and years of investment in numerous epitaxial wafer reactors of its parent company for the LED lighting and solar photovoltaic markets, Sanan IC is expanding their go-to-market strategy beyond the Greater China region as their process technologies and patent portfolio mature, with a vision to fulfill the needs of independent design manufacturers (IDM’s) and fabless design houses for high volume compound semiconductor fabrication.

Raymond Cai, Chief Executive Officer of Sanan IC, expects tremendous opportunity in serving the worldwide demand for large-scale production of 6-inch III-V epitaxial wafers, driven by continual growth of the RF, millimeter wave, power electronics, and optical markets. According to him, Sanan IC’s vertically integrated manufacturing services over broad compound semiconductor technology platform, with in-house epitaxy and substrate capabilities, make it an ideal foundry partner. Given the capital investments made on state-of-the art equipment and facilities, with full support from the parent company, Sanan Optoelectronics, combined with strategic partnerships, and a world-class team of scientists and technologists, Sanan IC is well positioned for success in this active compound semiconductor market.

As cellular mobility and wireless connectivity proliferates in the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and 5G sub-6 GHz evolves into millimeter wave, III-V technologies become even more critical to support the infrastructure and client device deployments by carriers worldwide. According to Yole Développement (Yole), a leading technology market research firm, the GaAs wafer market, comprised of RF, photonics, photovoltaics, and LEDs, is expected to grow to over 4 million units in 2023, with photonics having the highest growth at 37% CAGR.

GaN and SiC for power electronics, such as for data centers, electric vehicles (EVs), battery chargers, power supplies, LiDAR, and audio, are predicted to ramp up, with GaN reaching up to $460 million shipments by 2022 with a CAGR of 79% while SiC projects to reach $1.4 billion at 29% CAGR by 2023. Optical components continue to be in high demand for datacom, telecom, consumer, automotive and industrial markets, leading to increased revenues for photodetectors, laser diodes, and especially VCSELs with expected shipments of $3.5B in 2023. As these applications emerge, Sanan IC is poised to support the industry’s needs.

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