MACOM to Showcase their RF and Microwave Portfolio at EuMW 2018

MACOM will showcase its GaN-on-Silicon portfolio, Lightwave Antennas and other high-performance MMIC and diode products at European Microwave Week 2018, in Madrid, Spain from September 25 - 27. MACOM will feature new product solutions optimized for 5G, wireless basestations, radar, test and measurement, and industrial, scientific and medical RF applications.

At their booth they will be Featuring the following solutions:

  • Lightwave Antenna Solutions: Combining RF Coherent Beamforming and Fiber-to-the-Element Optical Transport to deliver wideband performance, low latency and improved spectral efficiency
  • Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Basestations: Cutting-edge GaN-on-Si 60W average power Doherty module
  • Front-End Modules (FEMs): Delivering performance and reliability for wireless networking leveraging proprietary switching technology and integration
  • RF Energy: The first GaN-on-Si-based RF Energy Toolkit
  • MACOM GaN-on-Si: GaN-on-Si technology in mainstream CMOS factories expected to enable the scale capacity, cost structure and supply chain economics for mainstream basestations and RF energy applications at scaled-volume production levels
  • The Trusted Name in High-Performance RF Components: Showcasing MACOM’s high-performance MMICs, industry-leading limiter diode design, cross-reference tools and application-specific solutions

Members of MACOM’s product management, engineering and applications teams will be available at Booth #271 to answer any questions. MACOM experts will also be participating in various sessions throughout EuMW, including:

  • Technical Session: Ka-Band P-I-N Diode Based Digital Phase Shifter
    • Presenter: Daniel Kramer
    • Date: Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2018
    • Time: 13:30
    • Location: Exhibit Hall
  • Technical Session: Characterization of Bond Wire Interconnects in QFN Packages
    • Presenter: Qun Xiao
    • Date: Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2018
    • Time: 13:30
    • Location: Exhibit Hall

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  • Country: United States
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