US Military to Address the Future of Military SATCOM Requirements at Global MilSatCom 2018

The Global MilSatCom 2018 event this year will take place from November 6-8 in London this year. The US Military and its branches including, DoD, Air Force, Marine Corps, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and DARPA will be participating in this years event. With US President Donald Trump advocating Congress to allocate $8 billion over the next five years to establish a “U.S. Space Force” as the sixth branch of the military, the presence of the military branches at the event, brings more importance for the future of military satellite communications.

Event highlights include:

Streamlining the DoD’s Approach Space and Secure Communications by Dr Brian Teeple, Deputy Chief Information Officer, CIO (C4IIC), US DoD

  • The role of space-based enablers for military communications, PNT and ISR
  • Evolving threats in space – managing policy within an increasingly contested, congested and competitive environment
  • Eliminating ‘little enterprise’ stovepipes into big enterprise and crafting a unified vision for space
  • Enablers for big enterprise, utilising the software-defined environment and common standards for networked systems
  • Future services and technologies that will be required from industry to deliver the US space vision – the task for ‘disruptive tech’ firms

Next Generation SATCOM Way Ahead by Ms Deanna Ryals, Chief, International Programmes Division, Military Satellite Communications Systems (MILSATCOM) Directorate, Space and Missiles System Centre (SMC), Air Force Space Command, US Air Force

  • An overview of current and future USAF MILSATCOM constellations
  • Different approaches for increasing Partnerships (Allied and Commercial) in SATCOM from 2028 and beyond
  • Key considerations for MILSATCOM in the post WGS (Wideband Global SATCOM) era
  • Way ahead to acquire our next generation of SATCOM

SatCom In Support of Expeditionary Warfare by Captain Dez Hill, G-6 Projects Officer, US Marine Corps

  • The functional lines of effort for USMC Europe and Africa and how it feeds into theatre campaign plans
  • Current SATCOM assets across the spectrum – utilising X-band and Ku band systems for operations
  • Unique theatre challenges for the USMC in Europe considering the impact of terrain, temperature, wind speeds and storms for communication
  • The role of SATCOM in expeditionary campaigns, the increased importance of C2 and space-enabled situational awareness
  • Ways forward: exploiting narrowband systems for SATCOM on-the-move and the extension of the ground segment

There will also be a pre-conference focus day on 5th November, entitled: ‘Small Satellites and Disruptive Technology’. To book a place, download exclusive event content and view the latest agenda, Click here and receive a 100 euro discount before 28 September.

Publisher: everything RF